Our philosophy is one of uncompromising quality.

Our grapes are organically grown, our wines are vinified in our winery, and our entire harvest is bottled on the estate. The objective we have pursued relentlessly over the years can be summed up in a word : Excellence !

Respecting tradition, with improvements.

Having pioneered organic viniculture in Switzerland in the early 1980s, the Domaine des Balisiers remains the country’s largest producer of organic wines to this day. Since 2002, moreover, it has been one of only a handful of Swiss wine-making estates to have completely discontinued the use of commercial enzymes and yeasts. All of our fermentation processes are activated by indigenous yeasts that occur naturally in grapes. Such yeasts typically bring out a more distinctive character in wines.   Find out more

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Our demanding technical standards, our rich experience and the outstanding quality of our vineyards embody the very spirit of the Domaine des Balisiers, which finds expression in each and every one of its wines. Visit the shop