Open lyre trellising

The vineyards of the Domaine des Balisiers look like no others in Switzerland. Its 30 hectares are equipped with V-shaped or Y-shaped trellises: the so-called open lyre.

The open lyre trellis was invented in 1976 by Professor Alain Carbonneau of France’s Bordeaux-based National Institute for Agronomic Research. Its original two-pronged design doubles each vine’s exposure to sunlight and thereby enhances the photosynthetic capacity of its leaves. This, in turn, increases the precociousness and kinetics of the formation of aromas in the grapes, improving the aromatic potential of the wine accordingly.

The erect and ventilated training of the vines on the open lyre also reduces the risk of grey mould (Botrytis) and facilitates the application of organic treatments both to the vines and to the soil.