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37.00 CHF
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Our Comte de Peney is the result of over a decade of experimental research to adapt Cabernet varieties from Bordeaux to the climate and soils of the Geneva area. It is a blend of two-thirds Cabernet Sauvignon and one-third Cabernet Franc, produced from extremely low yields (30 hectolitres per hectare). Great vintages of Comte de Peney can keep for 20 years or longer. Our Balisier Collection offers wine-lovers the opportunity to purchase most vintages back to 1989 in their original cases. Comte de Peney is matured for 18-24 months in clay amphora. It features an incomparably broad range of flavours and rich complexity. The blend has an alcohol titre of 13° at least. Its deep red, purply colour is intensely expressive: a brilliant disk with shimmering hues of ruby. The nose is a delicate balance of immature leather and berries steeped in spirit. On tasting, the first impression is clean, again with dominant flavours of red berries, particularly kirsch-steeped cherries. The taste then narrows down, still with its powerful tannins, but combining notes of tobacco and gentle spiciness. Comte de Peney is a wine for special occasions, an ideal match for the most refined cuisine.

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