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Gamay was originally grown in France’s Touraine region, in parts of the Loire valley and, most famously, in Beaujolais. However, the soils of the Geneva countryside now also yield a particularly fruity Gamay. Some Geneva vineyards, such as those around Peney and Peissy, produce a Gamay that can be vinified to keep for five years or longer. Like all the other reds from the Domaine des Balisiers, our varietal Gamay is matured for a year at the winery before it goes on the market. Gamay is the leading red varietal produced by Geneva winemakers. It is primarily a mealtime wine to accompany cold-cuts, white meats and poultry. Unlike most reds, it can be served slightly chilled. It is a ruby-coloured wine with a distinctive fruitiness, typically featuring notes of raspberry and blackberry.

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